18-year-old girl from Philadelphia,
my name is Julia. Very friendly.
Things that have happened since my father died

It only takes a year to watch a man disintegrate. From a full time job with hobbies and friends, to a bedridden shell who doesn’t know who is who, where he is, the what time or date.

i thnk i lived college my junior yaer of highshool when is smoked cigarettes out my window took anything handed to me and slept with anyone who smiled at me hahahahaha i wasnt even close to popular

whats killing me faster xannax or marlboro 27s?

my roommate/one of my bffs fucked my first lover in our dorm this weekend and lied to my face and shes laying next to me and lying around me dumb dumb dumb dumb cant wait until next year

my boyfriend and i are on hiatus

which means our relationship is off until june

but our love is still on

we cant sex other people

im ok with that

sex is repulsive and something i did

too much when i was 16

1.3 years and we’ve never been

photographed together

this is bullshit

these next two months are going to be everything for me

All these people with their pseudo-existentialist, hormonal, self-absorbed depression. I hate comparing woes. But I watched my father die starving and in pain. I can’t sympathize with people who complain about their lethargic personalities or crooked nose.